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Recommended products

Body for Kids

8 kg/bag, 1400 Ft/kg

Carnival Costume

15 kg/bag, 2000 Ft/kg

Fitness (sport clothes)

10 kg/bag, 3600 Ft/kg

Thin cotton top

20 kg/bag, 2000 Ft/kg

Cotton top

15 kg/bag, 2150 Ft/kg

American Sportswear

10 kg/bag, 3800 Ft/kg

Winter Jacket

15 kg/bag, 2900 Ft/kg


15 kg/bag, 2400 Ft/kg

Mixed winter children clothes

15 kg/bag, 2800 Ft/kg


15 kg/bag, 2600 Ft/kg


"I was pleasantly surprised by the variety of products you offer and especially by the opportunity I had in personalizing my merchandise. We will certainly have a lasting and prosperous relationship with your deposit.”

Kiss András

"Being a second hand store owner I have been looking for a long time for a warehouse that offers quality products for all age categories, regardless of gender or style. I was very happy when I discovered your warehouse because, in addition to the very diversified merchandise, of very good quality, I had the opportunity to check the products I purchased for my store. I will definitely be back for new acquisitions. ”

Kovács Annamária

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